Legacy Giving

UNG Price-Mills Legacy Society

The UNG Price-Mills Legacy Society is the official recognition society for donors who have included a charitable gift for the University of North Georgia as part of their estate plans.

The Society was formed by combining the William Pierce Price Society (Dahlonega) and the Hugh Mills Society (Gainesville). Members of these two societies comprise the charter membership of the Price-Mills Society.

For North Georgia College & State University, the William Pierce Price Society was so named to commemorate the commitment and service of the university's founder, Colonel William Pierce Price, to establish and support a college in Dahlonega after the Civil War, and his legacy represented in the generations of citizens and public servants who have been educated there.

At Gainesville State College, the college's Heritage Society was renamed to honor the legacy of Dr. Hugh M. Mills, Jr., the college's founding president. Dr. Mills was a graduate of North Georgia College. His philosophy of and belief in education served well the growth of Gainesville Junior College and the surrounding community. The impact of that legacy continues to grow and flourish throughout the region.

Following the consolidation of the two institutions in 2013 to form the University of North Georgia, and the subsequent merger of their respective foundations to form the University of North Georgia Foundation, Inc., it seemed only right to combine these two donor recognition societies

Membership in the Society is EASY! Once you have made your plans to include a gift to the UNG Foundation in your estate plans, just let us know about your plans and give us your permission to list your name as a member of the UNG Price-Mills Society. Just call and we'll send a Letter of Intent to use to notify us of the pertinent details.

Membership has its benefits:

Letter of Intent

University of North Georgia Price-Mills Legacy Society Members

Mr. L. Clifford Adams, Jr.

The Adelmann Family

Wade and Martha Ash

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Babich

Brad and Melisa Barton

Sidney E. Benton

Theodore and Marilyn Blaschke

Jeff and Beth Boggan

Mr. Roy E. Bottoms

CAPT (Ret.) Allan H. Bright

Mrs. Roberta Moore Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Atys D. Brunson, Jr.

MAJ (Ret.) Rudolph E. Butler, Jr.

Ed Cabell

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Cannon

MAJ (Ret.) and Mrs. Luis Carreras

LTC (Ret.) Alan and Mrs. Jonnie Chandler

COL (Ret.) Robert H. and Nancy T. Clark

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Clay

Larry and Margo Coleman

Mr. George E. Coleman, Jr.

Ernest V. Collier

Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillip Collins

Mrs. Isabel Lumsden Couch

John and Margaret Cromartie

Fred and Peggy Crumpton

Jim and Faye Crupi

Dr. Susan J. Daniell

LTC (Ret.) Edgar George David, Jr.

Larry and Margy Dennis

COL and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Dill

Marvin and Mary Ann Doster

Virgin (Vee) Dyer Doyle

James and Eleanor Dunlap

Mr. Ernest Elder

Mr. Erving G. Elliott, Jr.

LTC (Ret.) and Mrs. David D. Fletcher

Rob and Leslie Fowler

Mr. Jesse J. Gainey

J. W. and Lakotah Moseley Garrett

Kathy Kaissling Gaston

LTC James L. Gibson

Mr. W. E. Gibson

Chuck and Pat Guthrie

Mr. John M. Healey

Dr. John and Mrs. Jane Hemmer

Dr. Ralph E. Hitt

Katherine H. Hoard

COL and Mrs. Henry G. Holcomb

Mr. Leonard E. Ireland, Jr.

Mrs. Pauline S. Ivey

Bonita and Glenn Jacobs

MG George M. Johnson, USAF (Ret.)

MG (Ret.) William H. Johnson

Sloan W. Jones

Chris and Shannon Kemp

Malcolm C. and Elaine Kennemore

Mr. Warren L. Kirbo

Mr. John T. Lamb

Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Long

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Massengill

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Mathews

James and Frances Mathis

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mathis, Jr.

Dianne S. McDaniel

Dr. V. W. McEver, Jr. and Amelia E. McEver

Mr. J. Mahlon McKinney, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Matt McRee

Melinda Mewbourne

Charles and Juanita Milam

Dr. Hugh M. Mills, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Milton Mills, III

Neil Mize

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Morgan

Ms. Jenny R. Muller

Esther Ruth Nelson

Martha and Pete Nesbitt

Newton and Ella Ray Oakes

Mr. John I. Orrison

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar T. Oxford, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Oxford

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Pattillo

COL (Ret.) Jack Peevy

Brooks M. Pennington, Jr. and Jacqueline

Christian Pennington

Amy and Russell Phillips

Mr. Charles H. Phillips

Bill W. Pope and Margaret Boyle Pope

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Prince

Alice Ray-Overstreet


Marian H. Reedy

Elizabeth Lord Rhodes

MAJ (Ret.) and Mrs. P. J. Rodgers

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Roper

COL (Ret.) and Mrs. James H. Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Thurman B. Sanders

CPT (Ret.) Chase Sanger

LTC (Ret.) and Mrs. Gates Scoville

Hoyt H. and Anapearl Walker Seabolt

Michael H. Sheuerman

Hugh I. Shott, II and Betty Dalton Shott

Mr. Harry P. Singletary

Judith A. Smith

E. Paul and Frankie K. Stringer

Dolly Craven Taylor

Elaine Taylor

Terrell and Dolores Teague

Joshua and Heather Teteak

Mrs. Linda Henry Venable

Henry and Jean Purvis Ward

J. Foster and Janice P. Watkins

Gus and Janelle Whalen

Mr. Robert White

Mr. William A. Whittle

Johnnie and Arrie Mae Wiley

Mr. Charles W. Williams, Jr.

Claude Williams, Jr.

Al Wilson

Mr. Joseph Samuel Wooddy, Jr.

Ken "Moe" Woods and Linda Baker